Cajun Murder Mystery Series Launch: First Free


Cajun Murder Mystery

First Episode Free:

By The Numbers is the original short story in the Cajun Murder Mystery series. It’s a complimentary introduction into the dark and dangerous world of the murky swamps of creole country’s crime. Choose from your favorite reading device; KindleiBooksNookKobo


Laissez les bons temps rouler – Until somebody gets killed of course.

Murder along the bayous of south Louisiana’s Cajun Country doesn’t go unpunished. Grab a gator by the tail and follow this fast-paced mystery set in a casual Creole parish. Catch each episode of A Cajun Murder Mystery Series.

This series runs similar to a TV series. This, the 1st season has 8 episodes. Each is a short story that follows this season’s mystery. Grab all 8 episodes in the first season, or all together in the collection novel – Bayou Roux.

Each short story crime thriller takes you a leap deeper into the investigation, and the murky marsh backwaters. Join author Louis Scott as he takes you behind the badge and along the bayous of south Louisiana. Live life along the Thin Blue Line and feel the rush of raw cop culture. Lock and Load – you with me?

About the Author:

Louis Scott blends over 25 years of heart-stopping policing with an action packed writing style seasoned by the Mardi Gras, hurricanes and crawfish étouffée.

Don’t let the easy Creole smile fool you. The author served most of a highly decorated career in special operations buying dope, banging down doors, and busting bad guys.

Bringing characters to life based on those amazing experiences, the Chief writes it like he lived it. Lock and Load – Let’s Roll.


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