Call Of Duty: An Introduction To Sergeant Joe Boxer

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I’m so excited to introduce you to Sergeant Joe Boxer. He’s a new American hero with old-school values in a world of high-tech threats. He’s as red, white and blue as you’ll meet.

Call Of Duty is a prequel to the Joe Boxer Thriller series. It’s my way of introducing me to you and you to Boxer. His adventures in the military and then as a member of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s elite FAST Unit are going to rock your socks.

There are no safe spaces in the reality of homeland security. While Boxer is a country boy who loves his momma, he still understands the value of finishing the evil stuff that others start.

This is counter narco-terrorism like you’ve never read, because these stories are based on real life’s adventures and today’s headlines.

He brings new blood the battle cry, “GO JOE.”

If Not Us, Who?


Louis Scott

Call Of Duty

A Black Hawk helicopter gets punched out of the Afghan sky. The covert operative’s hand and briefcase it held are missing. The terror fighters responsible are ordered terminated by Central Command. United States Army Green Beret, Sergeant Joe Boxer is tasked with hunting them and killing them.

There is no mention of the briefcase. Why not?

Army green and patriotic as they come, Boxer follows JSOC orders. Along with his team of battle-hardened warriors, they engage in high-risk, deadly operations where the costs are extreme. He’ll stop at nothing to protect his brothers and his best friend, Tommy Price.

Both boys grew up together and enlisted with a desire to serve America. It wasn’t until after Boxer began to question the briefcase contents, that he’s treated as an enemy of the state, and Tommy’s life is at stake.



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