DEA Undercover Thriller books 1 and 2 are both free at Amazon for KU subscribers.




DEA Special Agent James St. John has been undercover too long. The targets of his undercover operation, the Savage Souls outlaw motorcycle club, have now become his brothers. His loyalties are divided between the badge he wears and the colors he’s earned.

The problem with outlaws is that they’d kill for James St. John, but if his cover is blown, these same brothers will kill the real person, Louis Seals. His entire existence is a lie, but he has no one to trust except a suspicious woman named Abigail looking for revenge, and the outlaws’ leader, Justice Boudreaux. In St. John’s life of deception he’s only sure of two things: Abigail is a liar, and if his cover is blown he’s a dead man.

When the corruption of political law enforcement controls the throttles of common sense, bad things happen to good men. Unless they see the reality for what it is. St. John may have gone deep but his vision has never been more clear. Sometimes the difference between the cops and the outlaws is that one group pretends crime is a bad thing.



What drives the hearts of men to do heroic feats, while others do horribly unspeakable acts? When the lines between black and white are no longer easily defined, that’s where the true heart of a man is tested.

CIA Operative Justice Boudreaux has served his country behind enemy lines, only to discover that the real enemy is the Agency who sent him there. While his mission is to save, another secret agent is programmed to destroy. Ben Ford is a murdering machine with only one thing in his heart – to kill for his country.

When the two warriors collide, there are no nations safe from their ability to complete their missions. But there’s a fine line between good and evil, and the only way to win is to sabotage the other. May the best man win.



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